- Lumos Values -

What We Live By

Focused Care

We want to focus healthcare exclusively for working nurses. Nurses are an integral part of the lasting health of our community and we want nurses to thrive and feel their best.

Accessible Care

Utilizing confidential Telehealth platforms, we can reach nurses all over the U.S. Nurses are often overworked and working odd shifts which impacts our habits and schedules. Lumos has medications sent directly from the pharmacy and left at your doorstep.

Individualized Care

By choosing Lumos, you will receive personal provider visits, close follow ups as needed, and individualized care where other companies often fall short.

Affordable Care

As Nurses we find ourselves paying high insurance premiums or working without benefits. We hope to bridge the gap and provide membership services for an assortment of women's health issues and offer discounts so that our product is accessible to most healthcare providers.

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